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The True/False Film Fest sold 28,900 tickets to films at its 20th annual event last weekend.

News briefs, notes, catch-up items, hot takes and other miscellany to wrap up the week

Compiled by Mike Murphy

Route K/Old Plank Roundabout

Preliminary Plan of a new roundabout at the intersection of Route K and Old Plank Road.

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Traci Wilson-Kleekamp

Good work Mike.

I wrote to Mayor Buffaloe on March 8, 2023, in an email entitled "I/We are watching and waiting for you to lead the city council!" I mused about the inconsistencies in her availability to respond to media inquiries regarding the information released by the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) about CPD violating policy in the shooting death of Quillan E. Jacobs, by not turning on their bodycams. So far, the council is not responding with any urgency or timeliness to requests for information. At the March 6, 2023 council meeting, Mr. Seewood said the Boone County Prosecutor said he could release all information related to the case. Mr. Seewood provided no timeline for when the city would transcend its practice of opacity on the subject of a closed case. Additionally, the City council does not appear to have been advised or made aware of a federal civil rights suit against Chief Geoffrey Jones and several CPD officers by the Jackson family (Jackson vs. Jones, 2020). In other news of zero transparency, the city refuses to respond to inquiries asking why and under what section of the charter the ARPA proposals are closed; and what part of the charter authorizes the Mayor to appoint a committee without a vote of the council to decide, score, opine about how/who should get federal grant dollars meant to address inequities exposed by the pandemic?

Local Proxy

CoMO Magazine appears to be the city's proxy media outlet for boosting the FUSUS surveillance software package; ahead of it appearing on a council agenda for a first read. Still, CPD has not provided data to support claims that the FUSUS software connection will prevent crime, while simultaneously being silent on why CPD officers are not turning on their bodycams at the scene of an officer-involved shooting.

Columbia Public Schools -- Curriculum Audit

I wanted to share that at Monday night's school board meeting they will discuss a curriculum audit. The results in many ways parallel the culture of City Hall. The major bombshell is that CPS does not have a fully written curriculum, nor assessments for curriculum planning, development, management, and delivery, to do the mission of public education which is "teaching". Further, "Auditors observed, in general, low cognitive demand in classrooms, and a higher prevalence of teacher-centered instruction" (CMSi, 2023, p. ix). Meaning the instruction observed by the auditing team was not predominately student-centered. See the summary of findings and the full report here:

Michael Williams

I think we agree on one thing: We have a lot of incompetency on the city council, school board, police board, and some staff including the city manager.

I did not help elect any of them. My votes went elsewhere.

One of these days this city will understand that prior competency in running an entity plus some common sense transcends political party or cause-du-jour. We've run off all the competent folks.

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