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Disinformation from the city of Columbia that was widely disseminated by local media outlets last week of a Missouri Department of Natural Resources “notice” or “warning” about pollution from a homeless encampment entering nearby Hinkson Creek originated directly from the city manager.

De’Carlon Seewood told listeners of KFRU radio last week that “the biggest reason” for the urgency to dismantle a homeless encampment in the woods north of the I-70/Hwy.63 interchange and displacing 20-30 campers was a notice from the DNR and the threat of a citation for polluting nearby Hinkson Creek.

De'Carlon Seewood 2

Columbia City Manager De'Carlon Seewood

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Michael Williams

KRCG13 said, "State inspectors said damage could spread to other Columbia creeks, if city crews didn’t clean up the mess.”

Who wrote those words? Where did those words come from? Someone, somewhere along the line "knew' state inspectors said damage would occur. Did a KRCG person "make" news, i.e., made it up? Was KRCG given these words?

What in the world is going on here?

For now, it looks like the city manager and minions did not want to deal with powerful homeless activists and threw the DNR under the bus, believing that a compliant and lazy media would never twig to the truth. If so, that's probably the worst thing to come out of this.

Anyone have a better explanation?

Maria Oropallo

Accountability has to mean something.

Will pay close attention tonight to Council, City Manager and City Attorney responses.

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