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Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Brian Yearwood responded Sunday to Missouri Governor Mike Parson's concern over students' attendance at a drag performance Thursday morning during a "diversity appreciation breakfast" sponsored by the city of Columbia.

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Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Brian Yearwood.

More on the breakfast can be found in an item here.

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Michael Ogden

There are several implications in Yearwood's letter. First, he claims CPS was not aware of the content of NClusion+'s show. A quick look at their website would have cleared that up. Second, he claims the show was G-rated. I'm not sure that's possible. Third, if your kid wasn't there, your opinion doesn't count. I have a problem there as well.

Michael Williams

I agree with your points except the last. Every citizen has a dog in a societal fight for ethical values; after all, those dogs are what make up the society in the first place. Should the only people making policy decisions about bars be those who frequent bars? Should decisions about land only be made by those who own land? Should the only jurors in a bank robbery be those folks in the bank at the time (hmm, not a bad idea)?

Any citizen in this community has a countable opinion on this topic. We are talking about community values we intend to enforce, and that talk includes everyone.

Michael Ogden

Michael, I did not realize my point might be misunderstood, and I did a poor job of communicating. I meant to say Yearwood implies that your opinion doesn't count. And I still have a problem with that attitude, just like you. We are on the same page.

Michael Williams

This exhibition was about normalizing abnormal behavior. The strategy is camel-nose-under-the-tent, using the philosophy "Get 'em while they are young."

Michael Williams

Further, you or your minions withheld the information from parents.

What we parents and grandparents expect from you is an apology and a statement that you won't allow such a thing to happen again (i.e., not telling parents).

Michael Williams

"Their program was not an “adult” performance. "

Well, was. Drag performances are sexual in nature and you know it. We have businesses in Columbia that are based upon aberant sexuality including drag.

The performances and songs were not provocative, but they were certainly sexual in nature. So, don't pee down my boot and tell me it's raining, Mr Superintendent.

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